KLINGSPOR | PS 33 150mm Abrasive Disc Assortment Box For Festool in SYSTAINER | 110 Discs

Abrasive discs (for Paint, Varnish, Filler, Wood) PS 33 for FESTOOL JETSTREAM 150mm Round Sanders (Including ROTEX)?P40 x 10; P60 x 10; P80 x 10; P100 x 10; P120 x 10; P150 x 10; P180 x 10; P220 x 10; P240 x 10; P320 x 10; P400 x 10 PACKAGED IN FESTOOL SYS 1 SYSTAINER??Devised to work especially well with?random orbital sanders, the?abrasive disc?PS 33 by Klingspor has been equipped with?hook and loop?lamination. Thanks to its dependable hook and loop coating on the back, the disc can be attached by simply pressing it onto the sanding surface of the machine. Thanks to its full-surface attachment, the?abrasive disc?will stay smoothly and firmly in place. Its exceptional qualities make this abrasive the perfect choice for sanding jobs onvarnish,wood and paint?as well asfiller.Klingspor makes these abrasive papers available with different diameters and hole patterns to ensure that they will fit on all common sanders. Better still, the available abrasive discs without holes also offer universal compatibility. However, abrasive papers without holes do not allow for connection to a dust extraction system.Klingspor abrasive disc with a high removal rateKlingspor abrasive papers?PS 33 come with an aluminium oxide grain that has been applied with a semi-open coating. Synthetic aluminium oxide is set apart by its great hardness and toughness. These properties allow the?abrasive disc?to deliver a high removal rate and a long service life. Grains composed of aluminium oxide have irregular shapes ranging from wedges to blocks. Thanks to their crystalline characteristics, aluminium oxide abrasives are guaranteed to produce efficient results. The semi-open coating of the grain is ideal for treating surfaces made up of varnish as well as?wood and paint. This coating creates spaces between the grains that are large enough to allow for an efficient discharge of abrasive debris and dust. This keeps residue from settling between the grains and, as a result, supports a long service life.Synthetic resin bond on a paper backing for a vast area of applicationsThe foundation of the?abrasive disc?PS 33 by Klingspor is formed by a?paper backing . The paper used for this backing is of medium weight, making it easy to cut, tear and bend the paper. This flexibility allows the user to bend or tear these abrasive papers and use them for hand sanding wherever?random orbital sander?cannot handle hard-to-reach places. The aluminium oxide grains are bonded to the paper backing with synthetic resin and coated with an extra synthetic resin top size coat. Aside from giving the abrasive paper its colour, this size coat provides additional support against the lateral forces that act on the grain during sanding. The synthetic resin layer coating the grain will automatically wear off at the beginning of sanding and not affect abrasive performance in any way.

KLINGSPOR | PS 33 150mm Abrasive Disc Assortment Box For Festool in SYSTAINER | 110 Discs

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