KLINGSPOR | KL 361 JF Rolls with cloth backing for Stainless steel, Steel, Metals, NF metals, Wood

Klingspor KL 361 JF ? the abrasive cloth of choice for metals and various types of woodDesigned for work on stainless steel and a large number of other metals, the abrasive roll KL 361 JF is ideally suited for a great many industrial applications. The product owes it premium quality and suitability for universal use to its?flexible cloth?with superior tear resistance. The convenient dispenser box always keeps this abrasive within easy reach.JF cotton-backed abrasive offers enhanced flexibility for all applicationsIts closed coat grit and synthetic resin bond applied to a cotton cloth make this abrasive the tool of choice for a large variety of applications. Exceedingly versatile, this abrasive cloth stands up to even the toughest challenges thanks to its superior tear resistance. It has been designed mainly for work on various metals such asStainless steel,Steel,Metals andNF metals.However, this abrasive cloth is also an excellent choice for applications on all types of wood or even plastic. The abrasive roll KL 361 JF has proven its value during manual work involving both intricate and large-surface applications. The aluminium oxide abrasive has been applied with a close coating on a lightweight and exceptionally flexible cloth backing made of durable JF cotton. Its synthetic resin bond makes this abrasive the perfect match for even the most gruelling applications. This durability is responsible for the consistent grinding performance and impressive longevity this abrasive cloth has to offer. Its outstanding flexibility allows you to adapt it perfectly to the workpiece you are sanding. All surfaces and contours can be sanded with utmost precision. This abrasive is a fine choice, especially when it comes to follow-up work such as deburring as well as cleaning and polishing metal parts.Always within easy reach ? the?brown cloth?in the convenient dispenserKlingspor supplies the KL 361 JF abrasive cloth in an extra handy dispenser box. This easy-to-use box makes it a snap to pull out and tear off the abrasive cloth at the desired length. This useful feature affords the user a strip of the right length at all times. The KL 361 JF abrasive roll is available in an extensive range of widths and grit sizes.

KLINGSPOR | KL 361 JF Rolls with cloth backing for Stainless steel, Steel, Metals, NF metals, Wood

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