KLINGSPOR | A 24 N Supra Kronenflex? Cutting Discs for Stainless steel

A 24 N Supra Kronenflex? cutting discs for Stainless steel (25 Pack)They deliver a high removal rate when used for work onstainless steel?andaluminium.When used with a hardness that perfectly matches the application at hand, they achieve high aggressiveness and a long service life. They are used in combination with handheld?angle grinders.What is the significance of a cutting discs hardness?The hardness of the cutting disc is defined as the resistance the combination of bonding agent and abrasive grain exerts against grain shedding. When paired with an angle grinder, the cutting disc will remove material from the workpiece. The work process causes the grain on the disc to become dull and crumble off. The exhausted grain should break out of the bond to allow the user to work with new grain at all times. The harder the material to be processed, the softer the Kronenflex cutting disc needs to be. If the bond is too hard, the aggressiveness of the cutting disc will drop quickly. This decline will cause the wheel to heat up and glaze The A 24 N Supra is a soft Kronenflex cutting disc that is ideally suited for a hard material such as?stainless steel.The right way to store cutting discsThe?Kronenflex cutting discs?come with an expiration date that is indicated on the metal ring at the centre of the discs. Once this date has elapsed, the wheels must no longer be used in combination with?angle grinders.

KLINGSPOR | A 24 N Supra Kronenflex? Cutting Discs for Stainless steel

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