KLINGSPOR | A 24 R Supra Kronenflex? Grinding Discs for Steel

Kronenflex grinding disc A 24 R Supra for work on steel (10 Pack)The Kronenflex grinding disc A 24 R Supra is the right choice for grinding surfaces made ofsteel,stainless steel andcastings.This grinding disc is characterised by aggressive abrasive performance, a long service life and appropriate hardness. When paired with handheld grinders such as high-speed?angle grinders,?grinding discs must, first and foremost, offer the necessary stability. The surface grit of the A 24 R Supra is made up of an optimised blend of materials that is best suited for processing?steel.Kronenflex grinding discs for efficient work performanceWork efficiency plays a key role in trade and industry. The use of premium abrasive materials such as the A 24 R Supra allows the user to produce flawless work results in the shortest possible processing time. The long service life can be attributed to the even wear of the grit. Every Kronenflex grinding disc will keep reaching its maximum stock removal capacity throughout its useful life. The A 24 R Supra thereby eliminates the need for frequent tool changes.Diverse applications in steel applicationsThe wide range of applications for the Kronenflex grinding disc A 24 R Supra extends from surface grinding to edge bevelling to the deburring of edges. When paired an?angle grinder, these grinding discs can be used for a multitude of different applications.Kronenflex grinding discs for maximum safety at workThe safety of abrasive tools is just as important as their efficiency ? especially when they are used for grinding. All grinding discs made by Klingspor are tested in accordance with oSa guidelines and bear the oSa safety seal. The oSa is the Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives. Their guidelines impose strict requirements on safety at work and the break resistance of the abrasives. The Kronenflex grinding discs engineered by Klingspor are also guaranteed to comply with European safety standard EN 12413. To ensure safety at work, it is essential to observe the permissible speeds of the grinding discs.

KLINGSPOR | A 24 R Supra Kronenflex? Grinding Discs for Steel

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