KLINGSPOR | Z 960 TX Special Kronenflex? Cutting Discs for Stainless steel, Alloys, Carbon steel, Titanium

The thin cutting disc Z 960 TX Special (25 Pack)The Kronenflex Z 960 TX Special by Klingspor is a?thin cutting disc?that is suitable for various areas of application. These include work onstainless steel,alloys,carbon steel andtitanium.Scoring exceptional marks in the categories of aggressiveness, performance on?INOX?steel, service life and hardness, the?thin cutting disc?Z 960 TX Special is ideal for such tough and hard materials as titanium and high-alloy steels.Synthetic zirconia alumina guarantees perfect resultsThe synthetically made?zirconia alumina?is also a fine choice for work on such treated / alloyed materials as?stainless steel. The product owes its consistent aggressiveness and high removal rate to the low thermal load that is guaranteed by the narrow cut, keeping burr formation at a minimum.A myriad of application for every needThe?thin cutting disc?Z 960 TX Special is a member of the Kronenflex Special performance class, which features high-performance products for special applications that are?free of iron, sulphur and chlorine. Superior service life and cutting performance in any scenario make this wheel an absolute best seller among professionals.The Z 960 TX Special is available in two sizesCustomers can purchase the Z 960 TX Special by Kronenflex in two different dimensions. It can be ordered with diameters of 115 mm and 125 mm. The thickness of one millimetre remains the same for both discs. Boasting a cutting performance of 80 m/s and an overall speed of 12,200 at a diameter of 125 mm, this disk of the Special class ranges at the top end of the performance scale. Packaged in units of 25 pcs each, the cutting-off wheel comes in the convenient Kronenflex Box, which keeps the wheels protected against dirt and moisture at all times. Customers can thus expect the discs to deliver consistently high performance. The disc is of equal appeal to professional craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers as well as hobbyists working in their workshop at home thanks to its exceptional storage behaviour.

KLINGSPOR | Z 960 TX Special Kronenflex? Cutting Discs for Stainless steel, Alloys, Carbon steel, Titanium

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