KLINGSPOR | FD500 Discs with Foam Material for Paint, Varnish, Filler | 125mm

For an excellent finish ? the Klingspor FD 500 abrasive discThe Klingspor FD 500?abrasive disc?makes the task of fine sanding workpieces and surfaces even more effortless. This waterproof disc can be used for the removal ofpaint,varnish, andfillerand provides for particularly gentle sanding that will, at the same time, produce an ultra-fine scratch pattern. Since it is?self-fastening, the disc be easily paired with random orbital sanders. It is suitable for both wet and dry sanding.Uniform pressure distribution thanks to flexible foam backingThe elastic?foam backing?of the Klingspor FD 500 moulds perfectly to irregular surfaces and contours. This feature makes the product ideal for use on handheld machines. Depending on the selected grit size, the abrasive disc is available with aluminium oxide or silicon carbide grain. This makes it possible to use the tool ? depending on the selected grit size ? on both brittle and tough materials. The abrasive grains are bonded to the backing with a synthetic resin, giving excellent adhesive force for a long time This strength allows the FD 500 to stand up to heavy strain ? even over the long run.Highly versatile for finish sandingThe hook and loop connection on its underside allows the FD 500 to be paired with virtually any?random orbital sander. This versatility makes the abrasive disc primarily attractive for professional finish sanding applications ? such as wet sanding of auto surfaces that have been painted in several layers.

KLINGSPOR | FD500 Discs with Foam Material for Paint, Varnish, Filler | 125mm

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