KLIGSPOR | Large diamond cutting blades for Cured concrete, Cured concrete, reinforced | DT 602 B

Large diamond cutting blade DT 602 B Supra ? ideal for cutting cured concreteThe?large diamond cutting blade?DT 602 B Supra by Klingspor delivers stellar results when used for demolition work and concrete restoration. This cutting blade of the Supra product line is a particularly good choice for concrete with medium reinforcement and scores high marks with itsgood cutting performance,high cutting speed andgreat aggressiveness.The?large diamond cutting blade?cuts with great precision and a rapid feed rate through?cured concrete?with and without reinforcement. This quality makes it ideal for demolition and dismantling work as well as for concrete restoration or for creating openings and holes in concrete components.Diamond tool with perfect properties.Thanks to its?short segments?this?large diamond cutting blade?DT 602 B Supra, which can also be used in an?electric joint cutter, possesses first-rate work characteristics that include high cutting performance and clean edges. The Supra product line offers the user professional diamond tools at an outstanding price-performance ratio. The cutting blade is ideally suited for day-to-day use as it offers such indispensable features as dependability and powerful performance. When operated at the speeds recommended for the various diameters, this cutting blade will furthermore impress with a long service life, delivering the economy the user requires for their applications. All specifications relevant to using the?large diamond cutting blade?DT 602 B Supra properly are printed directly on the tool.Working safely with Klingspor?s diamond cutting blades.All tools included in Klingspor?s production selection meet the highest standards in terms of quality and safety. The products comply with the requirements set out in the DIN EN 13236 and the strict safety guidelines of the oSa, a voluntary association of abrasive manufacturers committed to observing strict testing and manufacturing standards. Its members are certified to bear the globally protected trademark of the oSa. Certification guarantees the user improved safety during use. Its ongoing research and development efforts allow the Klingspor corporation to constantly improve the performance of their tools. What is more, the company?s in-house production guarantees a perfect interplay of the core and the segments of the diamond tools, always ensuring maximum power.

KLIGSPOR | Large diamond cutting blades for Cured concrete, Cured concrete, reinforced | DT 602 B

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