KLINGSPOR | PS 73 CWK Discs, Self-Fastening for Paint, Varnish, Filler | 150mm

Work on filler, varnish and paint with perfect reliability ? the abrasive disc PS 73 CWKThe?abrasive disc PS 73 CWK?by Klingspor stands out with its high removal rate and will win over even the most discerning user. This abrasive has been designed especially for use onpaint,varnish?andfiller.Reduced clogging?and a?self-fastening?material are among the foremost strengths of this?abrasive disc. It is equally well suited for professional use and use at home. The?PS 73 CWK?is the perfect choice for anyone who values an?abrasive disc?that offers excellent reliability and durability.Superior results with premium abrasives: the abrasive disc PS 73 CWKThe stand-out feature of the?PS 73 CWK?abrasive is its added active agent coating. This extra coat is a key factor for the product?s significantly extended service life. In the real world, improved service life translates to the advantage of not having to replace loaded abrasives quite as often. This advantage is a major benefit especially for commercial users who need to perform heavy-duty sanding work.Find the matching abrasive for every taskThe?abrasive disc PS 73 CWK?is available with the hole patterns GLS 1, GLS 3, and GLS 47 as well as with no holes at all. This variety of hole patterns makes it possible to combine the abrasive with nearly any standard machine available on the market. Its diameter is 150 mm. Since it is available in grit sizes ranging from coarse to fine, users are sure to find the version of the?abrasive disc PS 73 CWK?that fits their specific application best. A major contributor to the high removal rate of this product is the use of aluminium oxide for its abrasive grain. The bond selected for this product is premium synthetic resin, while the grain is applied with a semi-open coating. The backing on this product is a?paper backing (C-paper).

KLINGSPOR | PS 73 CWK Discs, Self-Fastening for Paint, Varnish, Filler | 150mm

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