KLINGSPOR | FS 964 ACT Fibre Discs For Steel And Stainless Steel

FS 964 ACT fibre discs for steel and stainless steelWhat are the defining characteristics of FS 964 ACT fibre discs?Self-sharpening effectMicro-crystalline grainAdvanced Coating TechnologyRed?backing with high grit adhesionHigh aggressiveness throughout the service lifePremium discs with an extended service lifeCeramic?aluminium oxideThe wide range of available grit sizes makes the FS 964 ACT fibre disc equally well suited for rough grinding and finish grinding on?steel. The micro-crystalline grain allows the disc to sharpen itself during the grinding process. This effect ensures that the disc will not lose the slightest bit of its aggressiveness while grinding the workpiece. ACT, or Advanced Coating Technology, is the characteristic that sets this fibre disc apart as a premium product because the red?coating provides for exceedingly high grit adhesion of the?ceramic?aluminium oxide grains on the vulcanised fibre backing material.

KLINGSPOR | FS 964 ACT Fibre Discs For Steel And Stainless Steel

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