KLINGSPOR | SMT 314 Extra Abrasive Mop Discs

SMT 314 Extra ? abrasive mop disc for steel and NF metalThe?abrasive mop disc?SMT 314 Extra is the right choice for professional surface processing onNF metal,steel?andwood.This flap disc demonstrates its true capabilities when used on steel and NF metal. Its outstanding versatility and unparalleled performance capabilities make it a particularly popular choice in steel construction, plant engineering and fabrication facilities.Excellent stock removal and a high removal rateAnother important aspect is the long service life of the tool. Eliminating the need for frequent tool changes, this performance characteristic contributes to smooth and efficient work results. This is due to the grain used for the abrasive disc. The?zirconium grain?is a self-sharpening material. During the grinding process, the grains constantly create fresh and sharp edges. A glass fibre backing plate forms the basis of this flap disc. While exceedingly strong, the material is flexible enough to stand up to even the toughest loads. What is more, it provides for optimum force transmission onto the workpiece. A member of the ?Extra? product family, the?abrasive mop disc?SMT 314 offers an attractive price-performance ratio.Convex shape for small surfacesBoasting a 12? convex shape, the flap disc SMT 314 is the perfect tool when it comes to processing smaller surfaces areas such as edge or weld removal. Convex?abrasive mop discs?form a narrow abrasive surface are of abraisive and deliver a particularly high removal rate on account of the aggressive contact area. The abrasive discs are available in a variety of sizes and grits. They were developed specifically for use with high powered angle grinders.The larger the abrasive disc, the lower the permissible speedsThe permissible speed of the SMT 314 flap disc depends on the diameter. The abrasive flaps are arranged in such a way that they will work with optimum efficiency throughout their lifetime. Instrumental to safety is the strong bond Klingspor created between the abrasive flaps and the backing plate of their flap discs.

KLINGSPOR | SMT 314 Extra Abrasive Mop Discs

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