FREUD | LCL6M Circular Saw Blade To Cut Solid Wood

Not all blades are created equalThe special thin-kerf body is designed in order to have a precise cut and save material. These blades are designed with an average number of teeth and are particularly suitable for both long grain and cross grain cutting solid wood. These blades provide a great finish if used in this wayFeatures:Super Micro-grain Carbide Tips with Titanium: For maximum sharpness and durability.
Laser Cut blades: Providing a thinner harder saw blade that cuts faster and cleaner.
Whisper Quiet Laser Cut Expansion Slots: Preventing blade warp for a cleaner cut.
Anti-Kickback Design: Reduces kickback from feeding the saw too quickly.
Precision Tensioning: For superior blade flatness.
Advanced Tri-Metal Brazing: Allows carbide tips to withstand extreme impact for maximum durability.
Teflon Coated: Better performance with low heat, less corrosion and reduced resin build up.Specification :Blade Diameter: 165mm
Blade Bore: 20mm
Tooth Count: 24T & 40T
Kerf Thickness: 1.7mm
Type : Trim Saw Blade

FREUD | LCL6M Circular Saw Blade To Cut Solid Wood

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