FREUD | FR 23 W Circular Saw General Purpose Cutting Blade 40T | 250MM

THE ALL NEW FR 23 W Circular Saw Blade has arrived?Not all blades are created equalWelcome to the next generation of Freud blade technology. The FR 23 W range is the evolution of the prior LP30 M range, the most loved blade in the Freud professional portfolio of blades. The LP 30 M has become famous for its superior ability in both cross-cutting and ripping of solid woods. The FR 23 W has further improved on its predecessor boasting the following:Further reduction in vibration ? specially designed anti-vibration slots. The slots enable smooth running and minimize noiseMaximum Durability ??Freud special tri-metal shock resistant brazing alloy consists of copper wrapped between silver layers to withstand extreme compactExceptional lifetime ? The two reasons why the Fr 23 W goes the extra mile?. and then someCustomised teeth made of extra durable and hard carbide grains, from in-house development and productionPoly-crystaline diamond teeth enable extended lifetime in fiber cement applicationsReduction of friction and prevention of corrosion ??The innovative coating technology provides superior protection and guarantees durable cutting performanceClear user guidance ??Application material laser-marked on each blade, for an easy and immediate user recognitionPrecision cutting ? The premium steel body (up to HRC 46)guarantees precision and high enduranceHighest blade stability and accuracy ??Thanks to the brand new expansion slots and the rolled-in tensiong ring (blades greater than or equal to 200mm)The major advantages on the new versus oldThe carbide has been further improved for an even longer life span on the bladeOptimised expansion and body slots for improved stability.The teeth Geometry has been further improved to perform better in other materials like Aluminium etc.New kerf-width variations for better efficiency and reduced energy consumption (less consumption on battery-powered saws)Updated pin holes to suit a wider range of machines

FREUD | FR 23 W Circular Saw General Purpose Cutting Blade 40T | 250MM

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