PLASSON | Rotary Circular Saw for Plastic | 500-1200mm

Premium Quality Electric Rotary Circular Saw for PE, PE-HD, PE-X, PP?Large Diameter HDPE pipes are always difficult to cut on site. This rotational Circular saw is the solution.This German manufactured Rotary Circular Saw is Sturdy, durable and easy to use. The rotational cutter has a pipe diameter capability of 500 ? 1200mm with a maximum cutting depth of 85mm. The saw is built to deal with site conditions. Once clamped on to the pipe, the saw does all the work leaving a clean 90 degree cut, eliminating waste of time or material. The saw is ideal for remote site work where reliability and comfort of work are essential to the pipe installer.

PLASSON | Rotary Circular Saw for Plastic | 500-1200mm

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