LEISTER | TRIAC ST4 Kit For Plastic Fabrication And Repairs

Handiness, reliability and versatility are the key arguments in favor of the TRIAC ST?Its two-component handle gives users perfect grip, while the low weight of less than a kg ensures optimum weight balance. The? innovative motor and turbine design, combined with the heating element familiar from the TRIAC AT, enhance? the value even more. More than 80 nozzles fit onto the TRIAC STFEATURES100% Swiss made quality60 years of expertise in making hot-air tools ? brought together in the new TRIAC STThe sturdy, professional hot-air tool that weighs less than 1 kg/2.18 lbsFunctional design: two-component handle grip and optimum center of gravity ensure ergonomic workingQuick clean air filtersAutomatic carbon stop (collector protection) and heating element protectionINCLUDED IN KITLeister TRIAC ST Screw Fit (144.013)Reducer Nozzle Screw Fit (105.622)Speed Welding Nozzle 5.7mm Triangular (106.922)Tacking Nozzle

LEISTER | TRIAC ST4 Kit For Plastic Fabrication And Repairs

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