LAGUNA | Dual Drum Sander 25X2 230V 5HP

Sand two grits in a single pass with a 25?2 Double Drum Sander. Featuring INTELLISAND Technology helping you significantly reduce the amount of time you spend sanding.FeaturesINTELLISAND? Technology:?Automatically adjusts conveyor speed based on loadPrevents gouging, damaging or burning stockProvides consistent finish even with varying grain pattern and densityGreatly increases abrasive planing and dimensioning speedFlatness Guarantee:?Precision-flattened steel conveyor bed reinforced with four steel cross sections for no ?flex? in conveyor, guaranteeing flatness to less than .010? across the width of the sanderAbrasive conveyor belt?offers the best grip for raw wood, giving you the ability to accommodate stock that is much shorter or thinnerPatented Abrasive Attachment System?effectively tensions the abrasive wraps, preventing loose abrasive and overlapEasiest access?to abrasive fastening system of any drum sander! Extra wide space to access fasteners to eliminate need for special toolsSelf-cooling?drum prevents overheating and extends abrasive lifeTension rollers are adjustable?in height and hold down pressure, eliminating snipeExcellent dust extraction?as dust cover is formed to shape of drumMetal, not plastic, is formed to maximize air flow and dust extractionHeavy-duty cast iron?construction for strength, rigidity and reduced vibrationMobile base?allows for stand and machine to be to moved easily.

LAGUNA | Dual Drum Sander 25X2 230V 5HP

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