KREG | Mobile Project Work Centre With AutoMax Clamp

?The Mobile Project Center is a workbench, sawhorse, assembly table, and clamping station all in one ? a versatile workspace for DIY, repair, and woodworking projects. It?s easy to set up and store away, and it provides a sturdy platform for all kinds of project tasks. Plus, the Mobile Project Center includes R750?s worth of bonus clamping accessories, so it?s ready to go to work, right out of the box.?The Clamp Trak and included Bench Clamp with Automaxx? auto-adjusting technology provide multiple ways to hold work-pieces. The open tables can support up to 350 pounds (158kg), and have built-in storage trays, holsters for your drill, and more. A shelf underneath holds up to 25 pounds (11.3kg) of supplies and tools out of the way but close at hand while you work.?In addition to being great for general project use, the Mobile Project Center is perfect for Kreg Joinery. Whether you?re drilling pocket holes, clamping cases or face frames together, or preparing your project for final assembly, the Mobile Project Center makes Kreg Joinery even easier.?The Mobile Project Center is simple to use. Just spread the legs, and it?s set up as a sawhorse. You can even add a 2?4 cutting surface using the included hardware. Flip one or both tables into position, and the Mobile Project Center is ready to take on many other tasks. When you?re done, simply pull the tabs on the table braces, fold the tables down, and close the legs, and the Mobile Project folds down for easy, out-of-the-way storage.?There are also multiple ways to use two Mobile Project Centers together. You can attach two side-by-side for an extra-large surface, or span between two benches by placing 2x4s in the included brackets. That lets you create a large surface for cutting big pieces, or an extra-large workbench by resting a piece of plywood on the 2?4 boards.

KREG | Mobile Project Work Centre With AutoMax Clamp

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