KLINGSPOR | FP 77 K T-ACT Discs, GLS 47 | 150mm

FP 77 K T-ACT Discs, self-fastening for Paint, Varnish, Filler, Primer, Filler, Gel coats, Composite materials | 150mm?Advantages:New high-performance disc with optimized clogging behaviour.Increased service life due to the new coating, which prevents the adhesion of paint and dust particles.For fine sanding in the fine grit range 240 ? 2000, a highly flexible and completely flat film backing is used for highest surface quality.Please Note: The main image is for illustration purposes only and the correct Hole Pattern image can be found in the Gallery of images.

KLINGSPOR | FP 77 K T-ACT Discs, GLS 47 | 150mm

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