KLINGSPOR | DB 600 F SUPRA Diamond drill SET for Stoneware, Stove tiles, Stove tiles, glazed

The diamond drill set DB 600 F Supra ? always have the right drill handyWith the?diamond drill set?DB 600 F Supra Klingspor has composed a complete package that includes all dimensions of the DB 600 F Supra and the matching hole starting aid. This set makes it a snap to drill holes of various sizes into mineral-based material. The drill bit DB 600 F Supra is ideally suited for processing:stoneware,tiles,granite tiles orglazed stove tiles.The?7-piece diamond drill set?DB 600 F Supra was designed specifically for use with a drilling machine. The classic hexagon adapter fits in all common machines. The set includes diamond drill bits ranging in diameter from 6 mm to 14 mm as well as the precisely adjustable hole starting aid ABH 80.Powerful without water: Exact edges on stonewareThe dry cutting drill bit DB 600 F Supra comes with an integrated, highly efficient cooling wax. This wax saves the user the need to use any water for cooling while working with these drill bits. They are marked by medium to high aggressiveness and are extremely resistant to wear. All diamond tools engineered by Klingspor are guaranteed to deliver exceptional service life. No centre-punching required thanks to the hole starting aid. The drill is positioned with pinpoint accuracy, and the drill is guided with perfect precision. The result is truly remarkable: the processed material will show no bursting, cracking or splintering. The diamond drill bit DB 600 F Supra always produces clean edges and exact holes ? even when used on hard and brittle material. As an alternative for larger holes Klingspor also offers the high-performance drill bit DK 600 F Supra, which can be paired with all standard angle grinders.A convincing price-performance ratio: 7 pieces in one setThe?diamond drill set?DB 600 F Supra offers outstanding performance at an extremely affordable price. It ships in a sturdy and convenient aluminium case. The case keeps the diamond drill perfectly protected against impact during transport. It also puts an end to stashing away single tools haphazardly and the resulting difficulty to find the tool needed for the job at hand. The set keeps all essential drill bits handy at all times. This is why the professional?diamond drill set?DB 600 F Supra is an outstanding choice for craftsmen and?tilers?as well as for all maintenance jobs in the industrial sector.

KLINGSPOR | DB 600 F SUPRA Diamond drill SET for Stoneware, Stove tiles, Stove tiles, glazed

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