FESTOOL | Router OF 1010 EBQ-SET ZA | 576201

Small tool for delicate tasks.?Extremely versatile. Extremely precise. Extremely easy to handle: Whether guided freely or on the guide rail, the OF 1010 router is the ideal one-handed device. Thanks to its size and low weight it can be guided along edges, lines or curves with just one hand. For routing profiles, grooves, rebates and dovetail joints ? the OF 1010 impresses with a wide variety of technical solutions.Outstanding ergonomics and low weightSpindle stop for easy cutter changesRouting depth adjustment to 1/10 mmQuick-acting brake for improved safety (OF 1010 EBQ)MMC electronics for adaptation to the working material and temperature monitoringChip extractor integrated into the router base-plateMain applications?Rounding, chamfering, rebating and profiling edgesRecessing metal fittingsGrooving rear panels, recessing dovetail batons or routing plasterboard with the guide system (edging technology)Producing rows of holes in cabinets using the hole series system LR 32Fashioning wooden joints with the VS 600

FESTOOL | Router OF 1010 EBQ-SET ZA | 576201

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