FESTOOL | Mobile Dust Extractor CLEANTEC CT 15 E

?The all-new specialist for cleaning work.?Ideal for cleaning construction sites, workshops and offices: With a 15 l container volume, the CLEANTEC CT 15 extracts dust, dirt and water. Its design ensures that almost the entire container volume can be used ? for long periods of work without having to change the filter bag.Cleaning accessories already among the items included and stored in mobile dust extractorIdeal for use on the go thanks to compact dimensions, low weight, and robust chassisTouch operation for intuitive control of the mobile dust extractorLevel storage area ? ideal for storing consumablesSimple replacement of the main filter from the outsidecontainer/filter bag capacity 15 lMain applications?For cleaning offices, workshops, garages, motor vehicles and construction sitesAbsorbing water

FESTOOL | Mobile Dust Extractor CLEANTEC CT 15 E

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