FESTOOL | Diamond Cutting System DSC-AG 230 | 767997

Cuts powerfully through mineral construction materials up to 63 mm thick.Clean separation with reliable dust extraction ? for a healthy working environment and an unobstructed view of the workpiece. The key advantage here is the plunge-cut function. This enables the tool to be inserted safely and accurately into the material and cuts to be made at a fixed depth of up to 27 mm. In combination with the Festool guide rail and consumables, this is the optimum solution for efficient, clean and precise work.Cutting system with efficient dust extraction, protects healthSuitable for use with Festool guide rail for precision cuttingGuide table with easy-running rollers for accurate guidance along the workpiecesealing lip for perfect dust extraction when used with the guide railVision panel provides a clear view of the cutting lineRotary handle with optimised switch position for convenient operationPlunge cut function: start cutting at any point on the workpieceMain applicationsQuick and dust-free cutting of mineral materialsSections for doors/windows, expansion joints in floor areas, grooves for pipes

FESTOOL | Diamond Cutting System DSC-AG 230 | 767997

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