FESTOOL | CT pre-separator CT-VA-20 | 204083

Copes with high volumes of dust. Efficient, simple and reliable.High volumes of dust, shavings and chips are no longer a problem for neither the main filter, nor for the suction power. The pre-separator (compatible with Festool CT mobile dust extractors) collects up to 95% of dust before it reaches the mobile dust extractor. This reduces the load on the main filter and ensures consistently high suction power throughout the work process.Copes with high volumes of generated dust thanks to cyclone technologyConsistently high suction power as a result of reducing the load on the main filterEasy and safe to transport thanks to a stackable collection container with compact dimensions and a sturdy designWork flexibly in every application with and without CT pre-separatorfor combining with all Festool CT 26/36/48 dust extractors with and without AUTOCLEAN functionapproved for dust categories L and Moptimum use with machines and applications with high levels of dustprevents suction support on the LHS 225 EQMain applications?Extraction of large volumes of fine mineral dustExtraction of large volumes of chips from sawing, planing and routingFor all applications with diamond grinders, long-reach sanders and renovation millers with large quantities of fine dustFor all applications with saws, routers and planers with large quantities of coarse chipsQuick and easy disposal of large dust volumes

FESTOOL | CT pre-separator CT-VA-20 | 204083

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