FESTOOL | Battery pack BP 18 Li 5,2 AS | 200181

You can?t save time. But you can use it more efficiently.?Cool down first, then recharge ? now much quicker with new AIRSTREAM technology. The new battery packs have an integrated cooling duct that reduces the cooling time and shortens the entire charging process by up to 65%. In other words: Your tool is ready to use again sooner ? for interruption-free work, even for high-energy applications such as sawing.Faster reuse of battery packs thanks to AIRSTREAM technology (cooling function for faster availability) and significantly increased charging capacityCharge status indicator for quickly displaying the remaining capacityIntegrated rubber frame for protecting the workpiece and battery pack and for setting the machine down safely on inclined surfaces and roofsOptimum use in machines with high power consumption and short downtimeswith AIRSTREAM functionlithium-ion (Li-ion) replacement battery pack for all Festool 18 V cordless tools (except CXS, TXS, ETSC 125, RTSC 400, DTSC 400)

FESTOOL | Battery pack BP 18 Li 5,2 AS | 200181

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