DEWALT | Dry Diamond Core Drill 16mm 1300W | D21570K

The DEWALT D21570K diamond core drill combines high performance with user friendly design. At 1300W, it is suitable for drilling through concrete, metal and wood. An anti-vibration handle with rubber-coated grip means that you can operate the drill steadily and in comfort, and the heavy duty steel chuck allows for excellent bit retention and easy bit changes. Using the tool is simple, thanks to the lock-on switch and 2-speed variable gearbox.New motor gives improved performance in applications with dry core bits up to 127mmn in bricks or soft masonryElectronics provide e-clutch, power-up and overload protectionTwo speed gearbox for increased versatility when drilling in wood, metal and concrete with standard drill bitsElectro-Mechanical clutch increases user control and protectionHeavy duty 16mm steel chuck allows quick bit change whilst offering excellent bit retentionInnovative mode selection collar allows intuitive control for optimal performance

DEWALT | Dry Diamond Core Drill 16mm 1300W | D21570K

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