DEWALT | 50m Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth | DW03050

Laser distance measurer (LDM) manufactured to withstand the inevitable job site drops and falls on the Job siteIt has a range of up to 50m and an accuracy of +/- 1,5mmCommon end-user functions : linear meter readings, surface and volume calculations.It will add or subtract readings and calculate distance in Metric and Imperial.The user can select the unit to continually measure which allows layout applications.Pythagoras indirect height function will allow to measure distances even when point A and/or point B isn?t accessible for linear measurementUnit stores last 5 measurementsThe unit has large, raised, oversized buttons to avoid miss measuresBacklit, 2 line display to provide visibility in all working conditionsWill survive a 2m drop onto concrete and has an IP65 water/debris resistanceThe unit has a flat base that gives a solid platform to measure without the unit shaking and moving to help avoid measuring errors.Comes complete with two AAA battaries, and a belt pouch

DEWALT | 50m Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth | DW03050

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