BOSCH DIY | Digital Laser Measuring Tool | ZAMO III SET

Zamo III Set makes measuring objects and interior spaces accurate, fast and simple?The handy set is ideal for precise measuring with ease. Laser technology achieves high levels of accuracy for distances up to 20 m. The Zamo Set integrates three practical, Bosch patented adapters for a wide range of projects: A wheel adapter easily measures curves and irregular surfaces, while the line adapter is perfect for levelling objects. Also included is a tape adapter that precisely meters circumferences and freestanding objects. For easy handling, the tool can be intuitively operated by its one-button control, comfortably measuring distances, objects and shapes.Handy adaptable laser measure set with three useful attachmentsAdaptable laser measure tool accurately measures distances up to 20 mNew interface allows the connection of tape, wheel and line adapters (sold separately)For measuring distances, objects and areas as well as aligning objects on a wallEspecially suitable for measuring freestanding objects and irregular surfacesSimple one-button control offers ease of use

BOSCH DIY | Digital Laser Measuring Tool | ZAMO III SET

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