Betasan Sensor

Automatic Antibacterial Liquid Spray Dispenser

The Betasan antibacterial liquid dispenser is the perfect addition to any workplace environment to break the bacteria cross-contamination chain. Every day thousands of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses are transmitted through hand contact.
From the introductory handshake to using doors, fax machines, and drinking from coffee cups. This dispenser gives the user a 0.5ml dose of Betasan antibacterial liquid which will kill 99.9% of harmful contamination agents.


  • 4 Hours of hand protection.
  • Case Size = 6 X 700ml pouches.
  • Dispenses 1 400 applications per pouch.
  • Sealed pouch and pump system for added hygiene.



  • Case size: 6 x 700ml puches
  • Betasan is SANS approved for food manufacturing environment.
  • Antibacterial Liquid Sanitiser

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